the Melanotropic Nootropic Mind Body Hack Pack

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We have combined the Dopamine Endocannabinoid Regulating Power of WaterMelanin, with the Tyrosine/Melanin Telomere/Telomerase Power of Histonics with the Oxy-Hydrogen based Monatomic Platinum Group Metals & the Aromatic Amino Acid Super Powerhouse Swadj Momatomix!!!!

Herbs, Fruits & Veggies that Catalyze effects:


Black Peppercorns

Wild Parsnip



Common Hogweed

Giant Hogweed

Wild Carrot

Notobubon Galbanum




Common Rue

3-6 hour a day exposure to UVB light the sun is best however UVB light bulbs will suffice.

Side Effects: Increased Melatonin Output, Mitochondria Function, Lucid Dreaming, Emotional Control/Stability, Optimized Creativity & Circadian Rhythm Homeostasis

This is the Premiere Performance & Image Enhancing Organic Herbal Hack Pack on Earth!!!!!

No Headaches

No Brain Fog

No Loss of Memory

No Insomnia

No Nausea

These side effects and more have been identified in the popular Laboratory Formulated Nootropics however we got our Blueprint from the Waters of Nu and the Tropics….

1 1oz Momatomix

2 Bottles of Histonic

2 Bottles of WaterMelanin

Simple Directions:

Take 2 capsules of Histonic, 1 capsule of WaterMelanin & 4-8 drops of Momatomix upon waking

4-8 drops of Momatomix at Midday

2 capsules of WaterMelanin, 1 capsule of Histonic & 4-8 drops of Momatomix B4 bed no later than Midnight (if your gonna be up passed midnight you can still take your supplements for the evening)


As this page develops the price will go up…..take advantage early…


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