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Course TextBook will lead the course direction, BUT WILL NOT BE THE ENTIRE COURSE THERE ARE MANY BOOKS INCLUDED in this course. Eat Right 4 Yeur Haplotype is the lead and course map we will follow and will be Free to all students. Anyone who has already purchased a copy of the book will receive a cash credit for their purchase. We are also still honoring EnQiVision Sales…

Again Eat Right 4 Yeur Haplotype is Free for students in full print. There will be no PDFs of this book released, however anyone that already purchased the book will receive a $200 cash credit!

This course will be 18 months and at least one documented reversal of a ill condition. This means in order to Graduate all course work must be completed which includes reading, written assignments, tests, projects and field work/application must be documented to PHD standards (which we will teach in the course). Graduates will be Certified & have the option to use our 6 figure income set up, to jump start a career in Natural Healing.

Partial to Full Scholarships are available for existing God Complex Students, to apply for the scholarship simply write a 100-200 word essay on why you should get the partial or full scholarship & send it to chasemillionsrocks@gmail.com. We have a staff of MDs, PhDs & other education professionals on staff to grade papers, teach & coach. We will change the WORLD!

Classes start the first week of Jan.

We will pursue MCAT proficiency level in Bio-Chemistry in this course.

Historically Healing in it’s Western modality was split into various disciplines: Doctors, Nutritionist, Dietician, Physical Trainer, Herbalist etc… We will bind those disciplines back into the Ancient Craft they originate from and begin to heal those around us with the Zeal & Fervency of a Superbowl MVP down 6 with 2 minutes on the clock.

Imagine the price of going through each of these schools? Doctors (100k+), Nutritionist, Dietician, Physical Trainer, Herbalist… When thinking of the hefty sums of money chaged for these courses, it’s Ironic that many of their practitioners can’t heal a papercut smdh..!

pg 7 Foundational Concepts

pg 8 Kemetic Schools

pg 10 Theory of God

pg 11 Truth of God

pg 14 Perception Theorem

pg 25 PHD Level Research

pg 33 Haplo-Drama *Extended

pg 78 Water & Melanin

pg 92 Mucus Membrane Fast

pg 106 Vitamin Supplements

pg 117 Temple of Man

pg 137 Bio-Khemical Applications *Extended

pg 191 River of Life

pg 206 Food Dye DNA Mutation

pg 219 How to HeaL

pg 221 Acne

pg 225 Histamine

pg 228 Anemia

pg 232 Aneurysm

pg 233 Anxiety

pg 234 Auto-Immune Disease

pg 235 Birth Defects

pg 236 Brain

pg 237 Bronchitis

pg 240 Cancer

pg 248 Eye Sight

pg 263 Chronic Fatigue

pg 264 Circulation

pg 265 Cold Sore/Herpes

pg 266 Depression

pg 269 Diabetes

pg 287 Dialysis/Kidneys

pg 296 Digestion

pg 300 DNA Composition

pg 314 Enzyme Health

pg 318 Fibrocystic Tissue

pg 319 Flu

pg 320 Genetic Disorders

pg 338 Gout

pg 339 Hair Health

pg 342 Heart Matters

pg 358 High Blood Pressure

pg 362 HIV/Immunity

pg 368 Infertility/Impotence

pg 370 Insomnia

pg 375 Kidney Stones

pg 376 the Liver

pg 378 Memory Cognition

pg 385 Muscle Efficiency

pg 388 Neuropathy

pg 390 OsteoArthritis

pg 392 Osteoporosis

pg 394 PMS

pg 397 Prostate

pg 398 Pregnancy

pg 407 Psoriasis/Rosacea

pg 408 Sinusitis

pg 409 Stroke

pg 410 Thyroid Health

pg 411 Vitaligo

pg 415 Weight Loss

pg Yeast

pg 434 Workout Secrets

pg 458 Nutrition Catalogue

pg 465 Working Tools