The Article that should Change the World

Here is the Article that should Change the World…

Human Chemiluminescence of Phosphorus is the source of Human Bioluminescence and Human Photoluminescence

The entire aspect of energy production and information transfer cell to cell, molecule to molecule, enzyme to enzyme and across has overlooked Phosphorus in its central role to Human Health hence has been misinterpreted and/or misrepresented as Sugar, Protein or Electron driven via Water. Phosphorus in Phosphorylation (adding phosphorus) and De-Phosphorylation, the Cori cycle and the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle (kreb cycle); Phosphorus in DNA/RNA cycles ie.. Methylation; the Phospholipid cycles (metabolism and synthesis of fats/All cell membrane water/minerals interactions)  are all Chemiluminescent via the Attraction & Repulsion of photons to and from Phosphorus.

The biochemistry that is life is powered by ATP (sugar/amino/3 phosphoruses) and the firing off of a Phosphorus in the Cytoplasm releases light that is used to power the cell. Fat is known as our STORED ENERGY because of its sugar content however the light producing PHOSPHORUS (phosphates) attached to the sugar molecules is overlooked. Information is transferred throughout the body via the many light producing mechanisms elucidated here and many more we will not disclose yet ie.. the system of crystals and pigments in the cytosol in conjunction with the fascia and interstitium. Every cell uses its nDNA as a antenna and the body uses it’s spine in the same manner. Information is encoded by sound waves and transformed via proteins into “light” which is sent out immediately or in molecule which is one of the main mineral functions, frequency focus much like the crystals in radio tuned into a radio station.

The entire science of the Human Body must be re-written with Water, Melanin and Light as it’s core.

Written by Dr. EnQi Real with special thanks to Antonia & Chase DuQuesnay

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