21 Day Detox Diet Support The MOST Important Information You Need About Detoxing

The Major components of your Body’s ability to Detox is Water, Amino Acids, Minerals & Vitamins… Nutrition. Selenium (non-organic mineral) & Glutathione (a protein/tripeptide) are at the center of your Body’s major Detoxification Systems.

Kemeluminescence & Momatomix are loaded with Selenium and Glutathione containing/supporting compounds (like milk thistle, pine bark, curcumin) to Boost your Body’s Stress Response and Cleansing actions.

Vitamins, Minerals etc… need enzymes to be utilized by the body to do their jobs & enzymes need nutrition in order to be able to do their jobs. All action that take place in the cells are done via plasma & enzymes with the help of key ingredients we supply via our diet…..if it’s a good one! Most of us fall short in this area including myself do to poor upbringing, laziness and poor global farming practices. In all honesty if the nutrition isn’t in the soil, it won’t be in the plants.

In the cell the first line of defense is the cellular membrane (cellular skin) in the same capacity as our first line of defense is our skin. Both composed of fats/proteins a very key and overlooked nutrient required for the natural protection of the Cell is choline (plant based sources include Coriander, Fenugreek, Parsley, Shepard’s Purse, Mustard Seed & Ocean Vegetables/Mosses).

Just like our body’s skin is loaded with tons of sensory tools so that our “interior” can meet the demands of our environment, so to does the skin of the cell provide information so that the interior of the cell can meet the demands of it’s environment. In short what’s happening outside the cell plays a key role in what’s happening inside the cell. Inflammation is the biggest key to what is inside the cell in regards to the ability of a cell to “detox” or clean itself.

One key component to Detox is Reducing or Eliminating Inflammation. If the membrane detects inflammation it down regulates the Anti-Oxidant system in proportion to the level of inflammation to allow the Clean Up System (falsely called immune system) to operate. This must happen because of a key secret most Holistic Health Gurus don’t know, the WBCs are the centerpiece of the body’s Oxidation system. That’s right, the WBCs function via Oxidation of bacteria/fungus/viral agents etc… If the two were to run at the same time they would cancel each other out and neither would be effective.

Your Mitochondria have different types of Anti-Oxidants than the rest of the cell because it’s the most vulnerable to Oxidative Stress via malfunction of the Electron Transport Chain or reactive oxygen/nitrogen species.

It is now becoming common knowledge after my expose on synthetic vitamins that Vitamins E & A cause cancer….. Selenium in High Doses has been shown to give light to white skinned people skin cancer… Below are some Anti-Oxidant Rich foods for Beginners:


Asparagus (includes vit K & chromium)



Cruciferous Vegetables


Chia Seeds


Mustard Greens

Brazil & Walnuts





Calaloo (Jamaican Spinach)

Sweet Potatoes



Below are good Plant Sources of Aminos which form all of your Enzymes:


Chia Seeds

Leafy Greens



Black Beans

Pumpkin Seeds


Sprouted Seeds










Meat Eaters switch to Turkey for the duration of your Detox or indefinitely until you can wean off meats all together.

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