The Holistic Health Fraud Industry and the Pharmaceutical Doctor Wanna Bees

Problem the Holistic Health industry is failing fast and becoming a Hustle overnight. Why doctors fail in a nutshell is simple they have no indepth study of Physics and no study of nutrition at all. To add insult to injury most of them do not care about healing its just a means to a financial end. Why holistic healers are failing in a nutshell is simple they have no indepth study of Physics and no study of nutrition at all. To add insult to injury most of them do not care about healing its just a means to a financial end.

Todays holistic healer and “herbalist” has no real understanding of health and is merely repackaging someone else’s lifework or worse giving a reinterpretation of youtube videos and lectures. Holistic healing wasn’t something I aspired to do, was forced on me after healing my daughter from a broken neck and spine. I began using facial skin and iridology as diagnostic tools which help me with my intuition to become very successful at healing people or at least what I thought was healing but I was only managing symptoms, just as a MD does only difference was I was using herbs instead of drugs (isolated plant/mineral extracts and compounds).

I was reversing metabolic illnesses, autoimmune illnesses, cancers, diabetes you name it prior to ever hearing about or learning of Healers like Dr. Sebi (which once I found out about him and others I quickly got to work studying their findings). I found out that the creator gave me a gift in my first and most popular compound that was doing all the healing that I had completely overlooked.

I realized the reason why more people failed in Holistic Health and why many people distrust Holistic Healing and simple: in most cases it doesn’t work. I had to recently look around at my industry and realize how lucky I had been to have been a science buff first. Today’s healers use one of a hand full of diagnostic methodologies like iridology to diagnose your “issues” then give you a shopping list of herbs that anyone with google can pick for themselves ie burdock or dandelion for blood. I had to leave iridology and facial diagnostic techniques alone when I realized that the damage to tissues that shows up in these modalities were effects and not causes.

The eyes requires almost 30% of the entire body’s nutritional intake and is composed of almost 280 million photoreceptors (pigment) and water. The eyes have a couple other intricate components but for this blog the point is IRIDOLOGY addressed none of these issues, it could not even solve the rising epidemic rates of near sightedness. It could not tell why people left High School with 20/20 had nearsighted vision by 25 and why there is a pandemic of people losing their eyesight altogether. The eyes gather almost all of the information we formulate into our personality, dreams, thoughts, memories etc from photons moving at 670,616,629 miles per hour into electric impulses that travel just under 244 miles per hour to the brain via Water and Melanin.

There was no explanations in Holistic Science or Medical Science for how this process individuated results when this single medium was responsible for the cascade of every Hormone and chemical reaction in the Body. I realized that I along with the rest of the Holistic Health community had the body inside out following the Western Blueprint for health with plant based solutions instead of medicine based. The misunderstanding of the eyes as diagnostic tools instead of the causes of the effects in the tissues was a major epiphany for me in transforming lives around the world. Iridology is like putting a line of shapes on one side of a paper and a jumbled list of names on the other side then simply drawing lines to match names/shapes. “I see liver damage use some Tumeric, Dandelion or Milk Thistle” lol… Here is the big kicker the moment the diet/herbs don’t work the BLAME IS ENTIRELY ON THE CONSUMER, he/she must not have followed the regimen in depth smdh…

Every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, organ & bone in the body responds to instructions (hormones) provided by the Pituitary, Pineal & Hypothalamus Glands. These Glands respond to instruction provided by the conversion of Light into Electricity by Photovoltaic Proteins in Water. The primary cause of health issues and great health is the relationship of Water & Melanin. Long before I ever heard of Dr. Sebi I created the Hydrogen Based Liquid Compound called Momatomix that many know of today as the ElectroMagnetic Greens or Swadj. Just as many people today aspiring to heal others and aspiring to better personal health are when I heard of great modern healers I studied what they SAID they were doing, I studied the diets they SAID they were “curing” with and had a great level of success but I didn’t realize I had the magic bullet until my notoriety got me a “backstage” pass to see what they were really doing. I am only using Sebi as a example because he is the best known in America but there are many less known in various cities in the US, Africa, Mexico, the Islands, South America etc…

Why does certain diets work for some and not others? Genetics!!! Why though? Genetics has two major effects on physiology it determines the Light a organism requires by the type of Pigments they produce. The food chain starts with Light – Plants – Small Animals – Large Animals this is a simplification but even the point at which you should approach the food chain is determined by your pigment levels. Regardless of pigment type and depth many are now switching to the plant based craze which works for some and not for others a) due to genetics and b) improper application.

Improper application happens in two major ways a) people trying to follow a set diet or food list which does not cater to their specific needs and b) improper coaching… In many cases “acne” or weightloss is the barometer by which we judge the success of a regimen, BIG MISTAKE!!!! I am the founder of one of the most successful fast to date known as the 40 Day Fruit Fast which has been stolen, copied, mimicked and rebranded the world over however I still say from the many one on one clients I have had that this is not enough to cure or reverse serious illness which is why the great majority of people while understanding the many pitfalls of the Pharmaceutical Industry still choose to roll the dice with a system that seems to be more focus on depopulation than repopulation. Too many Healers with no schooling or personal knowledge (home study) of biology, biochemistry and physics are suggesting a variety of diets, programs and herbs which leave their consumers underdosed or overdosed on nutrition while the much more dangerous issues to health go unchecked.

9/10 Herbalists while having a general understanding of what herbs are good for this or that have no idea of the true components of a herb or the bio-chemistry that takes place during and post digestion. They do not understand how a compound in a plant works or why, the don’t care it’s just business. Recently I created a craze which is still sweeping through Viral land called the Dry Lips Challenge and I have some results that are uncanny… Just a preliminary look will shock many of you:

45% drank 8oz every hour, for at least 8 hours a day and got no relief from ash or dry mouth

23% drank 16oz or more per hour and was hydrated

11% drank 16oz every 2-3 hours and was hydrated

9% drank 8, 8oz cups and was hydrated

12% drank 16oz or moor per hour and was still dry

I will publish more details of this study regarding their specifics height/weight, city, type of water etc… This info alone should startle you if not YOU don’t know enough about bio-chemistry and need to join the rest of the family in the God Complex Course. Why? Simple. Every nutrient needs water to function that’s first and secondly every nutrient behaves differently in various charge densities (light would be a oversimplification). Proteins even require water and light to function properly ie… Chlorophyll which many naturopaths and holistic healers sware by while telling you the entire time you don’t need protein!!! Its a sign THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!! Every plant is loaded with Antioxidants which are Pigments which are Proteins lol Point being if everyone has a different hydration level how can one make general “prescriptions” of herbs or medicine to combat illness when effectively they don’t know what it is. Many are not trying purposely to defraud the public and are just doing what the medical professionals are doing, others are looking for a quick payday. My family and I have been doing this consistently for over a decade now with no change in course. This is who we are 6 months ago or 1 year ago we have lead the Holistic Health Industry in thought and practice, which we will continue to do.

Each cell of our body has only 3 requirements Light, Water & Electricity, with Water being the Magick Maker. The way a specific diet is able to reverse illness in the case of say cancer is the Amino Acid/Protein content. Certain amino acids, peptides and proteins are “photosensitive” these photosensitive “chemicals” accumulate in tumors, WBCs and cancer cells which can destroy their carriers merely by voltage gradient. This fact is well known in the medical profession and has been synthetically duplicated in the form of Photofrin a lab made photosensitive pigment that when is injected into various cancer patients then activated with light to destroy cancers/tumors. This process works for everything from cancers to herpes, biological nutrients have various forms of activation mediated by Water & Melanin. Electric Foods have no effect in a dehydrated body with poor pigment function. Chlorophyll, Melanin, Hemoglobin & Mitochondria all require transition metals to activate them to their fullest potential and Structured Water to function in. I have been using Momatomix from day one and Dr. Sebi’s usha institute was a natural Hydro Therapy Oasis for anyone who had the chance to go or receive first hand knowledge of.

Each one of us has two genomes in each of our cells that is the center of our health and/or illness, nDNA & mtDNA. Genotype determines two very key nuggets in regards to our genetic health voltage gradient and mineral/light affinity. The closer your nDNA & mtDNA are the higher the voltage they require and the Darker your pigment will be, this in turn relates to your mineral/light affinity. If you are from a cold climate having lil to no pigment then your mineral/light affinity will be to reduce light with sulfur compounds that reflect the sun (electromagnetic radiation) as opposed to a hot climate which will render a photon absorbant mineral/light affinity centered around selenium compounds.

Momatomix is the only Photovoltaic supplement to date! Complete with 20 different wild plants supplying stabilized O2, heavy hydrogen, the entire catalogue of transition metals and photosensitive pigments which combine to increase your body’s ability to convert light into DC current the regenerator while at the same time inducing structure via its hydrogen/oxygen to mineral ratio. This compound alone increases redox potential exponentially and the photoelectric effect in your body’s surface chemistry. The only other ingredients needed to vivify your pigments are dha/epa aka seafood. These are healthy fats that were once thought of as impossible to get unless you ate fish now we know Chondrus Crispus can in high doses supply our needs. This is why we suggest Pink Lips which is Silica, Chondrus Crispus, Hydrangea & Kelp to complete the one two punch in laying the foundation for your health. You must Hydrate and Electrify your body for any regimen to work and above all else seek knowledgeable pros to help you.

Watch the time lapse video below to see how momatomix structures water demonstrable by it’s ability to turn this “blk” water back into pure water:


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