Alkaline Water? High PH? Fraud? Scam or Science?

The healthiest Waters on Earth have a Acid PH!!!! All Tap Water in America is Purified and Alkaline!!!! This is the Biggest Secret of the Water Industry in the 90s when the big Water companies got busted selling Tap water they changed the Laws which made the dishonest Water Companies simply switch their hustle. The new hustle is simple, Purified Alkaline Water. Many “Holistic Healers” are nothing more than hustlers so they repeat popular health phrases and mimic what looks hot to make a quick buck. In other industries this isn’t so damaging however when it comes down to what we feed ourselves and moor importantly our children we need facts!!!

Myth# 1 Acid or Alkaline is a good measure to use when buying or drinking water!

Myth# 2 Adding Limes/Lemons boost PH

Myth# 3 Adding Sea Salt boost PH

Myth# 4 Distilled Water is good to drink

Myth# 5 Electric Plates Micro Cluster Water

Myth# 6 Clear Water is Good Water

Myth# 7 Bacteria in Water is Unhealthy

Myth# 8 Eating Fruit is a better way to Hydrate than Natural Water

Myth# 9 Running Tap Water through filters and machines creates High Quality Water

Myth# 10 Frequent urine is Unhealthy

Myth# 11 You can use caffeine in moderation and still be Hydrated

I could go on and on and on… Its getting to be too much bullshit surrounding Water, simply because real Water is the most Valuable commodity on Earth!!! If I wasn’t selling Momatomix I’d be buying it!!! It has your Silver and much moor, your Ormes/Transition Metals and much moor, your O2 and much moor, your pure rare Heavy Hydrogen and much moor, 20 wild vegetables many of which are not even for sale in Colonized Countries and much moor, in fact it has every mineral the body requires in a plant based Electromagnetic Medium that increase the Photo Electric Effect in Human Tissue known in science circles as Photovoltaism. It stands alone as the only Photovoltaic supplement on Earth!!! These are all the compounds that create structuring in water. In your cells water H2O is transformed into H2O2 and the prized H3O2 which allows peptides & proteins to become superconductors. The body needs to be flooded with Electrons to interact with Light…

Solution stop dealing with Hustlers when it comes to the Precious thing you’ll ever have, Life!

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