How to Get Out of Bed for That Morning Workout

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How to Get Out of Bed for That Morning Workout


For many people, one of the toughest things about starting a new fitness program is finding the time to do the workouts.  With schedules already filled to capacity, adding yet another activity can seem impossible.  That is why many people choose to do their workouts in the morning.

There are many advantages to early morning workouts.  For instance, getting your exercise completed early removes the threat of “never getting around to it.”  It is easy to put off your workout all day long, until it is too late to do it.  Making it a priority first thing in the morning ensures that it does not get pushed aside in favor of more urgent or important tasks.

Another advantage to working out in the morning is the tone and momentum that it sets for the rest of the day.  A good workout helps you to have better clarity of thought, relieves stress and gives you the confidence to approach the next task on your to-do list.

But in order to do your morning workout, you have to get up early.  And getting up early can be a challenge.  It is hard enough getting up under normal conditions.  Getting up to sweat and work hard makes it even that much harder!

The good news is there are some tricks and tips that you can use to make getting up for that morning workout easier:

  1. Review your S.M.A.R.T Goals Daily.  When you review goals regularly, you start to figure out ways you can make them come true.  You’ll even find you will develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them.  Goals that may have seemed far away and out of reach eventually move closer and become attainable, not because our goals shrink, but because we grow and expand to match them.  When you constantly review your goals you build your self-image.  You see yourself as worthy of these goals, and develop the traits and personality that allow you to possess them.
  2. Go to bed earlier.  If you get in bed chronically late, you will never feel like getting up in the morning.  You need at least seven to seven and one-half hours of sleep each night in order to be fully rested.  Getting out of bed will be much easier if you get to bed at a decent hour.
  3. Be prepared.  Mornings are busy times.  Between getting the kids ready for school, cooking breakfast, packing lunches and getting to work on time, there is no room for error!  You will be more likely to do your workout if things are ready to go.  Get the kids’ clothes laid out, plan an easy breakfast and finish any other preparations that you need to in order to have a smoothly-running morning.  Knowing everything is taken care of will make it easier for you to get up on time.
  4. Plan your workout.  Before you go to bed, make sure that you know what your workout is going to include.  Do not wait until you get out of bed to decide your routine; that will take up precious time. Having a workout plan will ensure that you have the time you need to get your workout in.
  5. Stay Accountable.  Share your journey with your family and friends. Ask them to gently encourage you when they see you reaching for the donuts.  Make your transformation public by sharing it on social media.  Also, make sure to let everyone around you know you are embarking on a health journey.  Let them know you are not being rude, but rather are asking for their support and understanding.  You will find if you address your health goals in advance the people around you will ask less questions and be far more supportive.
  6. Observe Yourself.  Last, but certainly not least, listen to your body.  Notice how amazing you feel after your workout.  Even when you are tired your body will send a wonderful rush of endorphins to get you through.  Notice how much more energy you have and how much less brain fog you have during the day.  Don’t let you mind talk you out of an AMAZING workout!!

Let’s keep it real, not only do we want to be healthy, but we want to look good too.  NOW is the time to start working on next summer’s body.  At this point you have everything you need to move forward. The only thing holding you back is you.  Fight yourself to win. YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Sherita Bagby
Fruit Fast Coach

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