Is Cancer Plaguing You or Anyone You Love and Know?

The Real Cause of Cancer and Alzheimer’s and How To Protect Yourself

Why You Must Act Now to Start a Health Revolution

For the meat of this subject, most of us here in 40DayFruitFast should be ahead of the knowledge base.  However not to leave behind the more up and coming knowledge pursuer, the more attached to the mainstream conventional mindset… I invite you to go as deep as you want to by clicking on the links in this article to see more of the proof that what is being said here is true.  –PatrickMocha

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”-Thomas Paine

By Burton Goldberg, The Voice of Alternative Medicine

In 1900, 3%—one in 33 Americans—had cancer of any kind. And only 63 people out of every 100,000 died of cancer in that year. Now it’s 168 out of every 100,000, and the disease strikes half of us, men and women, over the course of our lifetimes. Yet, in 1900 there was no pure water, there were no screens on the windows, and the great public nuisance of the time was horse manure in the streets.

The news is no better for other diseases. In 1900 Alzheimer’s was virtually unheard of—today five million people suffer from the disease. And this increase isn’t due simply to the fact that a larger number of people are aging. Researchers in Canada found that the dramatic increase in Alzheimer’s over the years very likely is not because there are more elderly people in the population.

What’s even worse is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We act as if this huge increase in diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and infertility is normal because we think there’s nothing we can do about it. We think no one knows what causes these diseases when in fact science paints a very clear picture why all these conditions are on the rise. But the government—with its ties to Big Pharma and the biotech companies like Monsanto—doesn’t want you to know about the real causes of disease.

If we don’t take action to stop this epidemic it’s not a question of if you or your loved ones will get cancer or one of the other common diseases like Alzheimer’s—it’s a matter of when.

It’s time to take a stand, before it’s too late. It’s time to understand the government and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) care more about the bottom line of corporations than they do about whether you or your kids live or die.

Why Your Doctor Will Very Likely Never Tell You What I’m About To Say

I can tell you the truth because I’m not a medical practitioner with any economic stake in this issue. In other words, I have nothing to fear. More importantly, I have studied alternative medicine for 45 years, have an honorary doctorate in humanities from Capital University, and through my publications and public appearances over many years I have become known as“The Voice of Alternative Medicine.” I’m also 88 years old. I’m not worried about myself. I’m worried about the future of my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids—and beyond.

Four months ago, I went to the emergency room. My kidney was failing because of a back up of water caused by my enlarged prostate. As the urologist inserted a catheter into me, I asked him, “Do you want to know what causes large prostates?”

His reply? “No.” That was it. He didn’t want to hear me talk about what causes large prostates. He didn’t care about preventing the beginning stages of prostate cancer known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)—the medical term for enlarged prostate—in the first place. All he cared about was preventing the symptoms.

Yet, study after study in the medical literature points directly to environmental toxins as the cause of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. And this research shows bisphenol-A (BPA) is one of the primary culprits behind prostate conditions. So why hasn’t my urologist ever urged me to avoid eating food stored in cans lined with BPA or to stop drinking from water bottles that contain this toxin?

Doctors would much rather use drugs to treat the symptoms of disease than work to reduce your exposure to the cocktail of toxins found in the environment—the toxins that are putting you and your children at risk. For example, have you ever had a conventional doctor urge you to eat organic food?

It’s no different with cancer doctors. When you ask an oncologist what causes cancer the answer is cigarette smoking and sun and then we don’t know. But we do know, as I will talk about more later in this article.

Doctors don’t want to rock the boat. They don’t want to risk that the FDA will punish them or their state medical board will yank away their license. And I don’t blame them.

Meanwhile, despite the $4.8 billion spent on cancer research annually, researchers are getting nowhere with the exception of a few cancers such as testicular and childhood leukemia. And they pay no attention to what causes cancer. The budget for cancer prevention is miniscule. Why? Because the government doesn’t want to know what causes cancer. The government has close ties to drug companies, which can’t profit off the causes of cancer, only toxic “cures.” Meanwhile millions of people are dying unnecessarily because the government doesn’t bother to eliminate the factors that are causing cancer in the first place.

Many mainstream doctors are lazy. They don’t bother to review the medical literature to read the research that shows what causes diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and infertility. And even if they did they probably wouldn’t warn you about any of it.

That’s because most mainstream doctors have no courage. They’re afraid of going to jail or being put out of business by our government or the medical boards, which are controlled by corporations that profit from your illnesses. So the doctors that are familiar with the research showing what causes disease keep their mouths shut. Again, they don’t want to rock the boat.

Not only that—physicians are often brainwashed from the time they are in medical school that drugs are the only solution. Because of this, they don’t think in terms of preventing a disease, only in terms of treating it with a pharmaceutical “solution.”

The result? Your health is paying the price of doctors’ lack of courage and corporate greed. You and your family members are suffering from supposedly incurable diseases that could be prevented in the first place if not for corporate greed and government corruption.

But in this article, I’m going to tell you the science-backed truth about what causes diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, infertility, and diabetes. I won’t have room to talk about every cause of disease in detail here. But I invite you to download a free chapter of a book I co-authored with two M.D.’s called An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer. In that chapter, we discuss in detail 33 contributing factors to cancer. It was published in 1997, before GMOs came into the picture, so this article will also serve to introduce new contributing factors to cancer and other diseases that weren’t mentioned in that book.

Cause of Disease #1: We’re Being Starved to Death in a Land of Plenty

In my last article, which you can view here, I went into great detail about how an MIT professor discovered the proof that genetically modified foods are linked to autism. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. GM foods are also linked to cancer, infertility, and Alzheimer’s.

First, let’s talk about cancer. Companies like Monsanto have unleashed GM foods into the environment when even its own research shows that the pesticide sprayed on the GM foods—glyphosate—causes cancer in animals. The government allows this crime against humanity to happen! It’s all because of the corruption that’s systemic throughout the FDA, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I’ll touch upon this more later in this article.

Glyphosate, the herbicide sprayed on GM foods, is in our lakes, rivers, and water supplies. A study on U.S. water systems in 38 states detected glyphosate and its main metabolite AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid) in rivers, lakes, streams, rain, soil, sediment, ditches, drains, and groundwater. Researchers found glyphosate in 70% of rain samples tested! This is scary because researchers like Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a respected researcher from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have found that glyphosate blocks the activity of an enzyme our bodies need to detoxify cancer-causing chemicals. That means that when you eat a food that’s been sprayed with glyphosate not only does it weaken your ability to detoxify glyphosate—your body also is less able to detoxify other cancer-causing pesticides you’re exposed to in your diet and drinking water. Dr. Seneff also has found that glyphosate interferes with your body’s ability to use important minerals. This is another way in which glyphosate causes cancer and other diseases.

People are now exposed to glyphosate in the womb and immediately after birth. Moms Across America tested the breast milk of 10 mothers. All the samples tested positive for glyphosate with levels that were 760 to 1,600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive permits for individual pesticides. In animal studies, these same high levels are toxic.

Monsanto claims that glyphosate can’t leach into water supplies. They claim that their GM foods are perfectly safe. Have they looked at the research that says otherwise? Of course they have. But do they really care about your safety? To anyone who reads the research on glyphosate, it seems like all Monsanto cares about is profit.

Meanwhile, cancer rates are skyrocketing in towns near glyphosate-sprayed fields. In Argentina, 30% of all deaths in glyphosate-sprayed regions are from cancer. Some towns have seen a 258% rise in cancer rates between 2001 and 2012.

We know that glyphosate is linked to cancer and yet most doctors aren’t urging patients to eat organic food. They’re not pushing for the elimination of glyphosate from our food supply. Instead, they wait until a patient gets cancer and poison them with high-dose chemotherapy and radiation. Or, just as absurd, they recommend that anyone at risk of breast cancer have their breasts sliced off. They are still recommending mastectomies when the research clearly shows that there is no extension of life with or without a mastectomy. It is a crime against humanity that doctors allowed Angelina Jolie to go through with that procedure. She could have kept her breasts and had identical results only without destroying her body in the process. And now she’s allowed doctors to remove her ovaries, too! This is the standard protocol. And it’s insanity!

Government agencies are doing nothing to protect you from these toxins. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently raised the amount of glyphosate residues allowed in food. This is absurd! And it shows that the government has turned its back on the people it’s supposed to protect.

Infertility and Birth Defects, Too

Recent evidence of the harm GM crops are inflicting on humanity comes from Argentina, one of the largest cultivators of GM soybeans in the world. Since Argentina first began growing GM soy, there has been an increased incidence of birth defects, spontaneous abortions, infertility, still births, cancers, Down’s syndrome, mental disability, immune and endocrine disorders, respiratory and dermatological problems. Birth defects such as neural tube defects have increased by two to five times in towns near crops sprayed with glyphosate compared to before spraying began. Doctors in towns with glyphosate-sprayed crops have noted that as many as 23% of women in their towns have had a miscarriage in the last five years.

Lab experiments in animals also have produced some scary results. In one study, researchers fed GM soy to a group of female rats and natural soy to a control group. In the GM-fed rats, most of their offspring died within three weeks. Compare this to only a 10% death rate among the group fed natural soy. In addition, the babies of GM-fed mothers were smaller and found it difficult to get pregnant later in life.

Another study has shown that goat’s fed GM soybean produce abnormal milk and have offspring that weigh less 30 days after birth compared to mothers fed non-GM food. Most recently, a study found that when pigs are exposed to glyphosate during pregnancy, theirpiglets are malformed.

malformed piglets

GM Food and Alzheimer’s

Dr. Seneff, the researcher from MIT, has found evidence that glyphosate is linked to Alzheimer’s. Glyphosate interferes with the distribution of zinc, manganese, and iron throughout the body. For example, iron can be toxic when it’s not protected inside of a heme molecule. The heme molecule stops iron from reacting in places where it’s not supposed to react. In addition, the heme carries much-needed oxygen throughout your body. Glyphosate disrupts the first step in making heme, so iron has a hard time nourishing the red blood cells, increasing the likelihood of anemia. And anemia is linked to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s.

To discover more about how glyphosate and other factors contribute to Alzheimer’s, watch this interview with Dr. Seneff.

Because glyphosate interferes with the distribution of key minerals throughout our bodies and because these minerals are often depleted in the soil where our food is grown, you must supplement with a multimineral to give your body the nourishment it needs.

Covering Up the Evidence

Monsanto and other companies continue to suppress the research that shows what glyphosate is really doing to you and your loved ones. One of the best examples of this is a study conducted by French scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at Caen University, and his fellow researchers, which was first published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology. Monsanto had been conducting a study on the effects of GM corn on rats, but stopped after three months, which was the time period the FDA requires for feeding trials in order to give regulatory approval to GMs.

Séralini and his team decided to conduct an identical study to the one Monsanto researchers had finished, only using a much longer time frame and feeding rats glyphosate and glyphosate-tolerant corn for the animals’ entire life (two years). The results? At seven months, the animals fed the GM food suffered from increased incidence of cancerous tumors and kidney and liver diseases. The tumors that Séralini showed in his research were HUGE in the guts of these animals. These GM-fed animals also didn’t live as long as the animals not fed the GM corn. This means that many of the harmful effects of GMs show up after the required testing period of three months.


This should have been a red flag that GM foods are toxic. Instead, Dr. Séralini’s paper came under attack from the GM industry and its supporters. A year after it was published, the paper was withdrawn, a move criticized by scientists who were not on Monsanto’s payroll.

Dig deeper and you’ll find the real reason the study was likely retracted. Its retraction followed the appointment of an ex-Monsanto employee as an editor for the journal. Again, it all comes back to the systemic corruption that is pervasive throughout every agency of the government.

The Séralini paper doesn’t stand alone as the only example of GM toxicity. Plenty of other studies found similar results. In fact, government scientists in Thailand conducted the identical study with identical results to those Séralini and his team found.

Pesticides That Can’t Be Washed Off the Plants

GM corn produces its own pesticide in every cell of the plant. This pesticide is called Bt for short because it’s produced from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. Biotech companies that create GM food insert Bt genes directly into GM corn and other crops so that the plants will poison the insects that try to feed on them.

The plants aren’t just poisoning the insects. They’re poisoning us. Pesticides produced by the Bt genes in the GM crops can interact with glyphosate and other chemicals in Roundup to be toxic to human cells. In other scientific studies, animals fed GM foods have defective immune systems. In one of those studies sponsored by the Italian government, young and old mice had an immune reaction to GM corn.

One explanation for the immune reaction is that GM soy and corn contain new allergenic proteins. In addition, there is seven times more of a known soy allergen in GM soy compared to conventional soy, which explains why allergy tests show some people react to GM soy but not non-GM soy.

The scariest study on GM foods so far is a human study that painted a disturbing picture of how GM foods affect our bodies. In this study, researchers found that the gene that scientists insert into GM soy was transferred to the DNA of bacteria living in human intestines. Even scarier—the gene from the GM soy doesn’t go silent once it’s absorbed into our intestines. It continues to function long after we’ve eaten the GM food, possibly producing more GM proteins inside of us. As Health Freedom Alliance described it, “Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.”

Is GM Food Making Us Fat?

Scientists in Norway have been studying the effects of GM food on animals. And the results show in just how many ways GM food is destroying our health. For example, the Norwegian scientists fed one group of rats food containing GM corn and another group feed without GM corn for three months. The results showed that the rats eating GM corn were hungrier and gained more weight than rats eating the food without GM corn. Rats also gained a lot of weight when they were fed fish raised on GM corn compared to rats who didn’t eat the GM-corn-fed fish.

There’s no reason to think these same effects won’t occur in humans. That means that whenever you eat either foods that contain GM corn or eat a steak from a cow that’s been fed GM corn, it could cause you to pack on the pounds. Scientists have linked weight gain to every disease from heart disease to cancer to diabetes.

The Norwegian researchers also found that eating GM corn resulted in changes in the immune system and damage to the intestinal lining as well as weakened digestive and reproductive organs. What’s more, they found changes in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and adrenal glands in the rats eating the GM diet. All of the changes that occurred after the rats ate the GM food are known to cause obesity as well as other health problems such as colitis, diabetes, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, sexual dysfunction, sterility, asthma and autism, among many others.

Other research shows that the dramatic rise in incidence of 22 chronic diseases in the U.S. is linked strongly to the increase in GM crops and the use of glyphosate herbicide. For example, celiac disease, a disorder in which eating gluten causes damage to the small intestine, is four times more common today than in 1954. Until recently, gluten intolerance also was rare. Dr. Seneff has shown that glyphosate causes changes in the digestive tract, including killing off the good bacteria that normally reside in the intestines, which can lead to the development of celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

The fact that the government is allowing these foods to be released into the environment without any independent research showing they are safe is immoral. It’s a crime against humanity. If GMOs were to be tested as safe I would not be against them. I understand what scientists were trying to do when they originally created GMOs. They were trying to find a solution for the world’s hunger crisis so that starving people could have access to food. But what is available now is destroying humanity. It’s not safe. It’s killing off the human population.

Cause of Disease #2: Bisphenol-A

Another modern threat to our health is bisphenol-A, BPA for short. You can’t get away from BPA. It’s in the lining of most food and beverage cans and plastic bottles as well as plastic food packaging. BPA is even found in many cash register receipts and dental sealants. It’s a poison found in urine samples from 92.6% of people in the USA. A Harvard study of people who ate a can of Progresso soup for five days found that bodily BPA levels rose by more than 1,000 percent.

There are more than 91 studies linking BPA to diseases in humans and hundreds more cell culture and animal studies published in respected medical journals that prove BPA is linked to cancer. Studies (some of them randomized, controlled trials) show BPA is linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.

The FDA has seen the studies showing BPA is toxic. Yet, the FDA has this to say on its website: “FDA has performed extensive research and reviewed hundreds of studies about BPA’s safety. We reassure consumers that current approved uses of BPA in food containers and packaging are safe.” The fact the agency knows about the research that shows BPA is toxic and yet still refuses to take BPA off the market, is another crime against humanity.

Cause of Disease #5: Deadly Food

The same corruption that occurs in the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industry that creates GM food also occurs in the cattle industry. Here’s why this should worry you.

The practice of feeding animals to animals puts everyone at risk of getting mad cow disease, which isn’t as rare a condition as you’re led to believe (more on this in a minute). This practice forces cows to be cannibals, eating their own species.

In humans, mad cow disease is known as variant Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease—CJD for short. This type of CJD progresses rapidly soon after a human is exposed from eating the meat of an infected animal, which in turn caught the disease because it was fed the meat of an infected animal, essentially forced to engage in cannibalism. However, there’s another form of the disease called sporadic CJD. This form, according to the CDC, is supposed to be rare and is supposed to kill only 300 people per year.

But two scientific studies have shown that sporadic CJD isn’t as rare as the government would like you to believe. The first study was the Pittsburgh Veterans Study where the researchers examined people who had died after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. During their postmortem examinations, the researchers found that in reality 5.5% of the people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s really had sporadic CJD. This was a study done by the U.S. government. It was a Veteran’s Administration study. And yet the government is doing nothing to alert you about it. Later, Yale University researchers replicated the study and found that 13% of the deceased patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s actually had sporadic CJD.

These studies are shocking. The results mean that there aren’t only 300 cases of sporadic CJD annually—there are really as many as 450,000 people in the United States who have sporadic CJD.

Most recently, Murray Waldman, MD, from St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital, in Toronto, Ontario, wrote a book called Dying for a Hamburger in which he stated his belief that Alzheimer’s is linked to mad cow disease.

The variant form of CJD—mad cow disease—is transmitted to humans through eating contaminated beef. Could the sporadic form of the disease be transmitted the same way? I believe it’s likely, which is why I will only eat grassfed, hormone-free and pesticide-free beef. I encourage you to do the same.

We taught the French and English how to feed animals to animals. And we’re still doing it in this country. And yet they’re the ones who got caught.

The USDA is not going to protect you. They’re on the side of big business. There is the same revolving door in the USDA between the agency and the cattle industry as there is between the FDA and the drug companies. For example, the person who once was in charge of the public relations for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association later moved to the USDA to run the agency’s PR department. This is a corrupt way of running our government that must be stopped.

After a cow tested positive for mad cow in Washington State, Creekstone Farms wanted to test all their cows for the disease. They set up a lab and trained their employees. But the USDA wouldn’t allow Creekstone to test its livestock. Creekstone Farms sued the USDA in Federal Court and won the right to test, but the decision was overturned so that no meat producer can independently test their livestock for mad cow. The European Union, in just five years of testing their animals, discovered over 3,300 cases of mad cow. This is another crime against humanity.

If you want to discover more about the corrupt ties between the government and the cattle industry, watch my Greed video, using the password greed. There’s a segment in the video about mad cow. The reason why I have password-protected the video is because the film is not completely finished. We’re looking for financial help to get this film fully completed and out into the world. If you think it might be a worthwhile project please let me know of your interest.

Cause of Disease #6: Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear energy is another cause of disease—specifically, cancer. I’m talking about not only accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima, but also living near a nuclear power plant. There are higher rates of cancer downwind from every nuclear power plant in the world.

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., professor emeritus at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, Chicago wrote a refreshingly honest article in The Huffington Post called “Nuclear Power Causes Cancer: What Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know.” In the article, Epstein made a convincing case for the connection between nuclear power and cancer. He summarized several studies, including:

  • A report from researchers at Boston University, which found high leukemia rates near the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Massachusetts.
  • A study conducted by Colorado health official Dr. Carl Johnson, which found high child cancer rates near the San Onofre plant in California.
  • Counties within a 90-mile radius of eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and southern New York have the densest concentration of reactors in the U.S.: 13 nuclear reactors at seven nuclear power plants. These counties also have the highest thyroid cancer rates in the U.S.

Cancer Rates MapSource:

Dr. Epstein also talks about what’s known as the “Tooth Fairy” study. In this study, researchers from the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP) used the deciduous teeth of children—in other words the teeth that fall out naturally in kids—to study whether there was a connection between nuclear energy and cancer.

This study tested 5,000 baby teeth of children who lived near nuclear power plants in order to measure levels of radioactive strontium-90 in the kids’ teeth. RPHP worked with citizen groups near six nuclear power plants to educate the public in order to collect the baby teeth used in the study.

Nuclear reactors release strontium-90 into the environment. Strontium-90 can only come from nuclear energy or atomic bombs. It’s not a natural substance. It ends up in the rain, which falls on to the grass. When cows eat the grass, they get a hefty dose of radiation. Because strontium-90 has an affinity for calcium, it gravitates to the cow’s milk. Children in turn drink the radioactive milk of the cows, and absorb the strontium-90, the levels of which are highly concentrated in the kids’ teeth because they’re made from calcium.

Some of the findings of the “Tooth Fairy Study,” which was published in five medical journals, included:

  • Strontium-90 levels are highest in the teeth of children who live near nuclear power plants.
  • Children with cancer have the highest level of strontium-90 in their teeth.
  • Death rates for leukemia near most nuclear power plants were elevated six to ten years after startup.
  • Cancer incidence in children under age ten living near New York and New Jersey nuclear plants went up four to five years after the strontium-90 levels in their teeth increased.
  • Cancer incidence in kids living near nuclear power plants declined four to five years after Strontium-90 averages dropped.
  • Children in Suffolk County, Long Island who had high levels of strontium-90 in their baby teeth were more likely to develop cancer between birth and four years of age.

The Tooth Fairy Study clearly proves the direct link between nuclear power and cancer. And yet, President Obama just approved a new nuclear plant in Georgia. What kind of insanity is that?

It all loops back to greed and corruption. In his Huffington Post exposé, Dr. Epstein spotlighted the corruption that exists in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and how yes men for the nuclear industry who have run the NRC for many years are influencing the results of studies that should be independent.

And it’s not just nuclear power. Radiation from mammograms, CT scans, and microwaves also can raise your risk of cancer. My co-authors and I present evidence to support this statement in Chapter 25 of my book Alternative Medicine: Definitive Guide to Cancer, which you can download for free on my website. In the chapter, you can also learn about an alternative to mammograms known as thermography.

I also like to tell people that if they put their cell phone in the microwave while the phone is turned on, then close the door while the oven is turned off and then call it from a landline, the cell phone rings. If your cell phone can ring while it’s in the microwave, this means that the microwave will not block out radar. This shows that when you’re in the kitchen with the microwave oven on, you’re sprayed with radar because it’s escaping from the microwave.

Microwave is a sweet word for radar. In fact, microwave ovens were first created by adapting the radar system used in World War II. And radar is deadly. Microwave ovens also alter the food in a way that promotes the development of cancer. You can read more about this here. There have been no human studies by the government to prove microwaves are safe. This is insane! Yet, today, almost everyone cooks with a microwave. I won’t even make popcorn in mine.

There Are 33 Contributing Factors to CancerIn this article, I don’t have room to discuss every cause of cancer. For example, there’s a concept known as geopathic stress. In Germany, the science has shown 93% of cancer patients will have geopathic stress. It’s important you discover more about geopathic stress as well as each of the other contributing causes of cancer because usually it’s not just one factor that causes a person to develop cancer. Several factors contribute to the DNA damage that leads to the disease.

It takes years for the cancer to develop once you’re exposed to these contributing factors. The problem is doctors don’t look for trouble early enough. When you have been diagnosed with cancer you’ve had that cancer seven, eight, or nine years. It takes that long for the cancerous cells to multiply until you receive a diagnosis.

You can read more about the 33 factors that contribute to cancer—including the role geopathic stress plays in cancer development—in Chapter 25 of my book Alternative Medicine: Definitive Guide to Cancer, which you can download for free on my website.

When my coauthors and I originally wrote the book, I was completely against chemotherapy. I have since learned that there’s a huge difference between high-dose chemotherapy (which is toxic) and low-dose, targeted chemotherapy used alongside other therapies. You’ll discover more about this in the next part of this article series.

The Politics of Disease

President Roosevelt created the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect the people of this country. Lincoln created the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Nixon created the EPA for the same reason. Our government has become so corrupt that these same agencies that were created to protect us are now protecting industry instead. The heads of these agencies are appointed by the President and politicians. And here’s where the corruption starts.

For instance, the president appointed FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. And she arrived at the FDA from Henry Schein, Inc., the largest seller of dental products, which also happens to sell mercury amalgam fillings. Do you think the FDA is going to tell you the truth about how mercury amalgams are causing cancer and other diseases? Of course not. Then Hamburg wouldn’t be assured a job at Henry Schein, Inc. when she leaves the FDA. There is a revolving door between the drug companies and the FDA. Employees leave one and go to the other.

Monsanto’s board members have worked for the EPA. They’ve served as advisors to the USDA. They’ve served on President Obama’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. This industry-government incestuous relationship is just plain wrong and has to be stopped.

To understand how politics is keeping you in the dark about causes and treatments of diseases, I recommend you download the free chapter about cancer politics in my Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer book.

This government corruption explains why they’re spending $4.8 billion on cancer research every year but a puny amount of that goes toward cancer prevention. Most of it goes toward research on curing cancer because they don’t want to know what causes it! Isn’t that insane?

Your Doctor Is An Accomplice To These Crimes Against Humanity

You don’t have to be smart to be a doctor. You just need a good memory. That’s my only explanation as to why most doctors have not heeded the warning in the position statement of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), which called on “Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks.”

The AAEM position paper called for halting the production of GM foods and for long-term independent safety testing, and labeling of food products containing GM ingredients.

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, most doctors don’t want to rock the boat. They’re afraid of going up against the FDA or their state medical board because they can lose their licenses or have their reputations discredited.

Doctors also live by the concept of “correlation doesn’t mean causation.” In other words, just because a substance is associated with cancer that doesn’t mean it causes cancer. From their viewpoint, a substance is innocent until proven guilty.

That concept works when it comes to our criminal justice system. But when you’re talking about a toxic substance that is associated with cancer in animals why would you want to release that substance out into the environment? Why would you want to unleash GMOs on the world if there’s even a chance they will cause cancer and autism? This is insanity!

What’s more, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine believes there is plenty of evidence to show that GM foods cause disease. “There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects,” The AAEM says in its position statement. “There is causation,” as defined by scientific criteria.

Doctors are heroic in the emergency room where they have saved countless lives. They sew you up, they take away your pain, they keep you alive, but in degenerative disease they become legalized drug pushers. The Death By Medicine study showed that conventional medicine causes 783,936 deaths every year in the United States. That makes mainstream medicine the number one killer, surpassing cancer and heart disease.

The Media Is To Blame, Too

Much of what I’m telling you in this article you won’t hear from the mainstream media. Mainstream media takes advertising from drug companies. That’s why on TV or in magazines or newspapers you won’t find out about anything that will harm the drug companies’ bottom line. The media doesn’t want to lose the advertising and so they don’t tell the truth.

Plus, many doctors and the mainstream media are all parroting each other when they talk about GM food. They’re lazy. They haven’t done their work. The research is there to show GM foods are toxic. But instead of reporting on the research, the media quotes doctors who haven’t read the research. Or they interview representatives of the GM industry who lie about the toxic effects of GM foods. The media also hires industry representatives and industry consultants to write blogs on their websites. Is this supposed to be unbiased reporting? The mainstream media spread the lies around.

Take Action Now to Protect Your Health and That of Your Loved Ones!

You are the jury. And you give your verdict when you cast your vote during elections. There’s plenty of evidence to show that government agencies like the FDA, EPA, and USDA are guilty of poisoning you and your children. Don’t let them get away with their crimes against humanity. That’s why it’s so important to vote in all elections. That’s why it’s important to put into practice the other suggestions I mention below.

As Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once said, “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” So I urge you to develop a passion for spreading the truth by using social media, voting, and contacting representatives of your state’s legislature as well as representatives in the U.S. Congress and Senate. You can help start a health revolution—and save your life and that of your loved ones.

Take Action Now! Here’s How. . .

  • Vote in all elections.
  • Visit the Center For Food Safety website to find out whether your state has an active GM food labeling bill.
  • Insist that your state senators and Congressional representatives support GMO labeling laws in your state. Talk to your U.S. Senators and Congressional representatives about supporting national GMO labeling laws.
  • Call your Senators and Congressional representatives rather than sending an email. This is much more powerful. Call the United States Capitol switchboard at 1-202-224-3121 and request the office of whichever Senator or Congressional representative you’re trying to reach.
  • Tell your U.S. senators and Congressional representatives that it should be illegal for anyone who has been on industry’s payroll to hold jobs or serve as consultant or advisors on government agencies responsible for regulating their former or current employers.
  • Eat all organic food. If everyone were to eat organic food, there would be no demand for GM food or food covered in pesticides.
  • Eat grass-fed, organic beef instead of conventionally raised meat.
  • Talk to your favorite restaurants and ask them to incorporate more organic choices into their menus and to cook with non-GM ingredients.
  • We need to make health one of the most important issues in any campaign. Let your senators and congressional representatives know you won’t put up with drug company or corporate lobbyists telling them what to do. Start movements that will get your friends to do the same.
  • Push for campaign finance reform. Right now, to run for office, you need to be a millionaire. Corporations give candidates money. When the candidates are elected they feel obligated to do what the corporations ask.
  • Post articles (including this one) on social media sites to spread the word to your friends and family members about the dangers of GMOs.
  • Remember that just because something is labeled all natural doesn’t mean it’s free of GMOs.
  • Sign up for the following email lists:

Organic Consumers Association

Alliance for Natural Health USA

Health Freedom Alliance

Environmental Working Group

Center For Food Safety

This article was brought to you by Burton Goldberg, who helps cancer patients find the best integrative doctors and treatment approaches to greatly increase their chance of remission.

About Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg is on a mission to reform conventional medicine and to help people reclaim their health. Known as “the voice of alternative medicine,” he has traveled the world in search of the top therapies and treatments available from the fields of natural healthcare and alternative, integrative, and conventional medicine. What put Burton Goldberg on the fast track to national prominence was the 1994 publication of his now best-selling Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, which has sold more than 750,000 copies in print, a reference work on how to treat 200 health conditions with alternative medicine. It has been hailed “the bible of alternative medicine.” Burton also is author of 23 books, all with five stars on Amazon.


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