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With Respect we honor the Late Great Frances Cress Welsing with
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American Counsel of Exercise vs Black Genetics. This online comparative study on the God Body will end in a new textbook the God Complex. Participants in the class have an opportunity to be featured in the final publication of the God Complex Textbook based upon an essay.

DO NOT MISS THIS!! ACE not only controls the Personal Trainer industry courses, but the phys-ed courses nationwide in Sports Education (collegiate level). This is what you have been asking for, NOW is the time. Take control of your body with the #FACTS!

What exactly will you get? 6+ books including the NEW MEDICAL PAPYRUS WITH 100 new pages!!!!! A in depth tour of the ACE course, this with the free books is already valued well over $600 not to mention the never taught before secrets to Health & Fitness including topics like: Why athletes and celebrities are driven to drugs? Answer: Athletes and many celebs have their Chakras opened in order to garner success by their coaches through rigorous work out routines and rituals (they have no idea they are participating in ie… the Ancient Bat the Ball ritual from the Egyptian Priesthood misnomered Baseball). Once this happens they have no clue how to control the forces they have tapped into and are completely lost. We will cover all of anatomy including the side never taught in any health schools including light, magnetism and electricity circulation, Electrical Potential Building aka Muscle Building & much moor…. Herbs & Natural Compounds play a key role and we will go in depth into the Nutrition aspect in a way that will completely blow the walls down in Colleges, Universities, Medical Schools & Certification Institutions Globally!!!!! Enroll now!!!! Don’t wait till the price goes back up!!!!!



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