Month: July 2016

Hydrogen, Heavy Hydrogen & Structured Water by Minister EnQi & the God Complex Course Student Body

There once was a time when everyone said “Minister EnQi is Pseudo, Kangen machines are amazing!!! Alkaline Water is scientifically proven!!!!” Based upon the research presented by Dr. Hayashi, only what many did not know is that Dr. Hayashi later recanted his ionizer/alkaline works and said “my research was flawed, the benefits in the water were from Hydrogen”. Dr. Hayashi… Read more →

Fat, Obesity & Weight Loss Western Academia’s Outlook Sponsored by Minister EnQi & the God Complex Course Student Body

    The Views Expressed here are not those of the Amber Institute Sports Clinics of America or Minister EnQi THE BEST WAY TO ATTACK FAT & ALL OF ITS FACES IS HERE CLICK THE LINK BELOW: KemiLuminescence FatBurner Plus Obesity: Determining The Cause And Developing The Remedy The article talks about the problem of obesity and weight gain. It states… Read more →