Month: May 2015

Dear White People Review by M.E.

Dear White People, FOH!!!!! lol Everyone that sees this movie should be forced to read the PDF on the Genetic differences between the African & the European titled: the 12 areas of Genetic Concern for Deeply Melanated Humans at     No. Seriously…. I thought this film was remarkable. There is the Hollyweird / Homowood scene where everybody loves Chris… Read more →

Home Made Dehydrated Okra

If you miss eating that fried okra like I do. This is a simple recipe to get the same taste that’s much healthier. Take a 1/2 lb of okra and cut it all up into small pieces. Season to your liking. I add about a half teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. 1 table spoon of Church… Read more →