Month: March 2015


    Scientific rationale for core stabilization training:   Studies have shown that about 80 percent of U.S. adults deals with chronic lower back pain (LBP). This is a result of decreased activation of certain muscles or muscle groups within the core musculature. These muscles are apart of what is known as the Local Stabilization System and are the transverse… Read more →

Free Water Prep for PDF

Study Well!!! These are the videos of the Material…. We will review some of this Material Sunday!!! Refer to the chart below as to how to take the 4pack!!!! Fill in the blank space according to your lifestyle….                                           Read more →

Fruit Fast Fitness

Our mission in the fruit fast fitness group is to wholistically straighten the body from the core/stabilization mechanism to all areas of the body via our Optimal Performance Training program. This physical fitness group is be aligned with the 40 day fruit fast programs to bring about wholistic health from the inside (cellular health) and out ( muscle structure &… Read more →